Recipes - Tango Mango

Perfect with Tango Mango - Big on the flavor department and easy on the preparation. Makes a great appetizer for your summer cookouts. Can easily be made the day before as well!
Perfect with Tango Mango - With an insanely aromatic spices blend, this beef & mushroom keema curry is sure to please. Including spinach & petit pois; It's best served over a bed of basmati rice & and healthy dollop of natural yogurt.
Perfect with Tango Mango - This pork tenderloin marinade recipe adds tons of flavor and spice to tender and lean pork tenderloin, from easy pantry ingredients.
Perfect with Tango Mango - Combine the custom 13 Stars Hot Sauce (see ingredients) with your favorite meatball recipe and you have a winner (We won’t tell anyone if you use frozen meatballs).
Perfect with Tango Mango - Easy post game day recipe idea with leftovers which makes it extremely flexible to whatever you have around.
Perfect with Tango Mango - Sweet heat is always a winner. This simple weekday recipe brings back fond memories of childhood simplicity.
Perfect with Tango Mango -  A perfect weeknight recipe that can easily be whipped together and works with many side dishes.
Perfect with Tango Mango - Simple and spicy. Combination of Tango Mango and your favorite tequila creates a unique burn.
Perfect with Tango Mango - Sweet juicy mango, hearty chickpeas, in a coconut milk sauce infused with aromatic Thai yellow curry

Perfect with Tango Mango - Our personal favorite party food that seems to satisfy all of the check marks; Sweet, salty, savory, and spicy! Pulled pork tacos have it all.

Serves 8 to 10.