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A must try for an flavorful introduction to Mexican cuisine. Plus you will learn a lot of cool tricks along the way for making amazing stocks and sauces in the future with this recipe.
Looking for a simple light snack? Shrimp skewers! These are super easy to
make and they’re good for you with plenty of shrimp, pineapple and jalapeno
peppers, both sweet and spicy. It's a good idea to soak your skewers in water
before cooking with them.
Jerk chicken or pork is a popular Caribbean dish that is made by marinating chicken or pork in a spicy jerk seasoning blend and then grilled or roasted until cooked through.
Piri-piri chicken is a spicy Portuguese chicken dish that is typically grilled or roasted. The chicken is marinated in a spicy piri-piri sauce made with chili peppers, garlic and lemon juice.