Recipes - Mean Green

Perfect with Mean Green - A easy addition to most recipes (whether food or drink) Mean Green makes it easy to add a ton of flavor with minimal effort. When a recipe calls for jalapenos just pour some Mean Green on there!

Perfect with Mean Green - a classic Mexican style breakfast; 'Rancher Eggs' is a must-try. Makes a great vegetarian meal that will be sure to fill you up and quickly become one of your breakfast staples.
Perfect with Mean Green - a fresh simple dip that can be thrown together in under 15 minutes! Makes a great addition to any picnic, potluck, or party, and is a great way to use up your summer produce.
Perfect with Mean Green - Tacos al Carbon is a Mexican recipe of charcoal-grilled meats served up taco style. “Carbon” means “charcoal” in Spanish. It is typically a simple dish with chicken or beef lightly seasoned then grilled over a wood fire or charcoal grill, served up with nothing more than a bit of salsa and fresh squeeze of lime.
Perfect with Mean Green - This is how you up your pizza game. Mac and cheese is great by itself but throw it on a pizza and you have reached another level of amazing.
Perfect with Mean Green - Get your grilling in while you can! This simple recipe would be perfectly enjoyed with a cold beer, 13 Stars Mean Green, and friends.
Perfect with Mean Green - Juicy burgers made from scratch with pork, jalapeños, and Serrano peppers and topped with your favorite hot sauce!

Perfect with Mean Green - Ditch the fatty mayo and make a homemade version packed with protein-filled Greek Yogurt base instead.

Serves 8.

Versatile traditional flour tortillas; Significantly better than the store bought variants!

24 Servings.

Perfect with Mean Green - Insanely easy to make but also insanely tasty; the white bean chili captures the cross-section of healthy, affordable, and down-right filling. 

Serves 6.