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Mean Green - Hot Sauce

13 Stars Hot Sauce
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This is our take on the classic salsa verde; but you know...it's a hot sauce. This isn't your normal verde sauce, this is taco-crunching, cheese-dripping, extra guac goodness verde. It will make your taste buds jump out of your mouth, jump onto your chest, and plant little freedom seeds of deliciousness.

Heat Level:

13 Stars - Mean Green - Mild Heat Level

Every bottle sold goes to help a bad-ass cause; to help support U.S. Veterans, First Responders, and their families.


Ingredients: Jalapeno Peppers, White Distilled Vinegar, Lime Juice, Spices, Kosher Salt

Size: 8oz (250g)


With more jalapeno than vinegar this sauce truly allows the traditional jalapeno flavor to stand on its own with complimentary hints of lime and our signature blend of spices.

Goes With:

Tortilla Chips, Scrambled Eggs, Chicken & Rice, White Bean Chili

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