Recipes - Big Red One

Perfect with Big Red One - A great year round appetizer to serve with your friends and family. Kick it up a notch with the spicy mayo mixed with your favorite 13 Stars Hot Sauce.
Perfect with Big Red One. The healthier version of the classic restaurant combo is easily made in minutes. Combine it with the homemade tartar sauce and you have a 1-2 punch.
Perfect with Big Red One. Otherwise known as Strata this amazing dish is a great make-ahead holiday breakfast that's quick to prep. So you can pop it in the oven in the morning and sip some coffee while it bakes.
Perfect with Big Red One - Hearty fall time stew to keep you warm on those cold nights. Topped with Big Red One for that extra kick.
Perfect with Big Red One - Good for an entrée or even a side dish! Hearty, filling, and easy to make in large batches to freeze for later.
Perfect with Big Red One - Great game day appetizer that combines all the joys of pizza in small doughy bites.
Perfect with Big Red One - With nearly limitless possibilities the quiche remains a breakfast staple that you can make ahead for the week.
Perfect with Big Red One - Step up your grilled cheese game with this recipe. Impress your recipes and your taste-buds.
Perfect with Big Red One - This versatile sweet & spicy recipe can be served over rice, on lettuce wraps, rice noodles,

Perfect with Big Red One - Get ready for your new go to breakfast sandwich with a killer combo of Butter and 13 Stars Big Red One.

Perfect with Big Red One - Flavor packed these spicy rib bites are a must have for any summer get together. 
Perfect with Big Red One - Say goodbye to buying store-bought ranch ever again with this amazingly easy & tasty recipe.