Recipes - Big Red One

Perfect with Big Red One - Adding spiced butter RIGHT before you serve will make this dish rich and unctuous (just like that $10 word). A amazing dish for those colder days and is easy to share for your get togethers this holiday season. 
Perfect with Big Red One - This simple to make dish embodies that fiery comfort food you are looking forward to in the winter. The dish is easily adjustable to the heat level you prefer; just change the types and amount of hot chilies to suit your needs.
Perfect with Big Red One - Bulgogi, literally means "fire meat"; Derived from Korean cuisine this Korean BBQ beef is insanely flavorful and easy to make. Combined with shredded veggies, brown rice, & hot sauce you have a great protein packed dinner. 
Perfect with Big Red One - Stacked high with garlic, tomatoes, & olive oil. How could you go wrong? Makes a great weeknight dish as it takes very little time to throw together; the tomatoes roast as you prepare the pasta.
Perfect with Big Red One - A great take a on a classic ingredient. This recipe is infinitely adaptable with whatever spice blend you want to use. The recipe takes boil small sweet potatoes that are smashed flat wit the bottom of a glass, and then roasted with butter and oil to achieve crispy nirvana.
Perfect with Big Red One - Cozy up to the winter season with a nice mug of hot chocolate made in the crockpot with chocolate, sweetened cocoa, cream and Kahlua, with a touch of Big Red One to warm your bones, toped with marshmallows and chocolate syrup.
Prefect with Big Red One - Make sure to save your pumpkin seeds! This spicy pumpkin seed recipe goes great a quick snack. Easy to spice them anyway you'd like.
Perfect with Big Red One - This Cajun crawfish etouffee recipe is LOADED with Cajun goodness. From the meaty crawfish tails smothered in a rich gravy with Cajun spices and fresh herbs, served over a bed of rice. 
Perfect with Big Red One - A great year round appetizer to serve with your friends and family. Kick it up a notch with the spicy mayo mixed with your favorite 13 Stars Hot Sauce.
Perfect with Big Red One. The healthier version of the classic restaurant combo is easily made in minutes. Combine it with the homemade tartar sauce and you have a 1-2 punch.
Perfect with Big Red One. Otherwise known as Strata this amazing dish is a great make-ahead holiday breakfast that's quick to prep. So you can pop it in the oven in the morning and sip some coffee while it bakes.
Perfect with Big Red One - Hearty fall time stew to keep you warm on those cold nights. Topped with Big Red One for that extra kick.