How to Stop the Burning After Eating Chili Peppers

As a right of passage to all chili-heads and hot sauce lovers alike there are times where the spice gets the best of you. From the sweating to the gut bombs it's all worth the feeling you get post eating a super hot. 

This post will cover the common cures for quenching the flame after ingesting something that may not have been the best option to eat. If your hands and not your mouth is on fire check out thisblog post.

Note: This is not medical advice so please don't treat it as such. Just a post from someone who loves to enjoy their spice.

Best Methods

Eat Dairy

When we say eat dairy we don’t mean any of that fat-free healthy. We are talking about full fat yogurt, milk, or ice cream. Whatever you seem to have in your household at the time. Dairy contains a chemical called casein that combats the effects of the chile’s capsaicin (learn morehere) by stripping it from its receptor site on the skin.


Sugar can also help absorb some of the hot chili oil and can reduce the overall burn from capsaicin.

Orange Juice

For those that can’t do dairy a good alternative would be to drink some acidic. While orange juice is the go to in our household you can use drinks such lemonade, limeade, or even tomato based food items or drinks. 


Bread works wonder in a tight spot not just for stopping the burn but for also preventinggut bombs. The starch in the bread will bind in between your pain receptors thus lessening the burn.


Well this one comes right from the Mexican culture. Lots of hot pepper / wing eating competitions held in Mexico have a chaser of tequila. While we can’t vouch it will cure the heat it might cause pain elsewhere and take your mind off the other suffering. Don’t expect it to get rid of the pain but rather dull it. Use in moderation.